About the Artist

Robert Kingdom is a Melbourne based artist who works mainly in watercolour, pastels and pen and ink. He is also an art teacher, currently working in Hoppers Crossing.


Robert grew up in Ferntree Gully, near the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges, on the outskirts of Melbourne. Many of his works feature scenes from the Dandenongs. His debut exhibition Glorious was held at Burrinja Cultural Centre in Upwey in 2012. In 2016, a selection of Robert's work featured at King Henry Arts Cafe in Sassafras.


In 2007, Robert took a break from teaching to attend the Capernwray Bible School in Lancashire, England. The serene landscapes of the area also feature in his works.


Robert is particularly interested in representational landscape art. He is also passionate about architecture of previous eras. Old buildings feature in a number of his works. Musically, Robert feels a connection with the melodic pieces by composer Ralph Vaughan Williams, a distant relative.


"In my art I seek to capture those moments when Heaven and Earth seem to meet and the soul is refreshed."


"I see my artworks as portals to intimate spaces. The viewer catches a glimpse of another world and is invited in to share a sublime moment, to gaze upon some thing of beauty, to venture further up and further in or to turn the handle of a door and find a warm welcome and loving embrace."


- Robert Kingdom


As well as creating artworks, Robert writes reflections on the spiritual life. Some of his writing features in this website. To access his complete blog, visit rkingdomreflections.wordpress.com.


Music has been selected by the artist to accompany certain artworks featured in this site to further enhance the viewing experience. 

Follow Robert on Instagram at "robertkingdomart".