Acrylic Paintings

Following on from my “Wedgwood Doves” painting this work uses the two-tone style but this time with a silver background. I was inspired to paint magnolia flowers after visiting the Rhododendron Gardens in Olinda.

This image is the third in my series of bird paintings. Like in the “Silver Candelabra” painting I have featured stylised magnolia flowers. The white flowers sparkle against the black background.

The original work is quite large. It is more of a decorative piece than symbolic. I painted it in a “Wedgwood” style using white on blue.

This large painting was done at Capernwray Hall for a fellow student who was making a dress for Miss Germany to wear in the Miss Universe competition. She planned to use my painting as a panel in the dress. Regrettably, Miss Germany didn’t make it all the way through the competition.